Problems That Western Men Can Experience With A Thai Woman

If you’re a Western man who wants to have a relationship with a Thai woman, you should know there may be some problems. Firstly, Thai culture is very different from western culture and is also difficult to understand. Many Westerners believe they understand Thai culture, but it’s not always what it seems to be.


Thus, Thai women don’t always understand what a man does and wants, and vice versa for men, so things may get complicated. If you’re about to be in a relationship with a Thai woman, you should be aware of these problems and try to solve them or change your attitude towards them.

Another problem is that her family comes first. Even if a Thai woman is adult, she still live with her parents. For Westerners, this is something pretty strange. Therefore, you’ll have to accept her allegiance with her family and be aware that if her family needs emotional or financial support, they will come before her relationship with you. Nevertheless, this may change if you have children with her, but then, her family comes first. In case you want to have a serious relationship with a Thai woman, you have to think if you can accept this or not. It’s your choice, but analyze things very well in advance to prevent problems from happening.


Language may also be a problem. Although many Thai wives speak fluent English, there are many differences in understanding grammar and vocabulary, so misunderstandings appear very often. Moreover, many Thai women don’t speak good English either. Hence, you have to speak clearly and slowly.

Thai culture
is very different from Western culture. Even there are many Western men who come to Thailand, few of them understand the culture of this country. For many of Westerners who live for several years in Thailand it’s still difficult to understand why Thai people do some things in a different way. Because of these problems, things can get complicated in a relationship between a Thai woman and a Western man.


No matter what other problems may appear in a couple formed from a Thai woman and a Western man, it’s not always the money that count. There are many beautiful love relationships and marriages based on respect, love and last even a lifetime. If you can’t face the above differences, it’s better to give up before starting.