Make Your Interracial Relationship Work


When to people from different races meet and fall in love, everything is perfect in the beginning. But when the sweet phase passes and the two get to know each other as they are, things may become complicated. Everyone has qualities and flaws and the two members of a couple need to communicate in order to make everything work smoothly. Fights are common and normal in any couple, because it is better to express the existing problems in order to solve them rather than gather frustration. In theory, everything is very simple and easy to do, but when you are the half of an interracial couple and you also have to face the culture clash, things become a little bit more complicated.

No matter if you are a western man married with a Thai woman or the Thai wife, the following advice will be really helpful for you. Steve Cooper offers great tips and tricks to make your marriage resist in time even if you have a husband or wife who belongs to a different ethnicity than yours.

Communication and respect are probably the most important elements of an interracial marriage. However, you need to keep account of other keywords that you see from a different point of view in comparison to your partner. Be empathetic and fight for your relationship because this is one of the most important things you have in life.

The Connection Between Young Thai Women And Older Western Men

Many people have wondered about the fuss with Thai-Western marriages for various reasons. One of the things that you can immediately notice is the fact that these mixed couples have a huge age gap, as the Thai wife is almost always under the age of 30 and the Western man is somewhere around 50 and over. Why is that? Why do people with this age difference and with such different cultural backgrounds come together? There are answers for this on both sides, as the advantages of this marriage result in a win-win situation on both sides.


There have been many speculations on the fact that young Thai women may not want to marry foreign men, especially if they are older. You may be surprised to find that this is not true! Actually, the fact is that these young women are more than happy to marry a certain category of men. Researches and online interviews showcase the fact that beautiful Thai women enter the search for foreign older men at their own will. Their decision is based on the fact that Thai men of an older age are already married, while the younger ones cannot afford to start a family until much later on. More to this, the difficulties of Thai life are prompters for trying to reach a higher social status. Therefore, Thai women look for prosperity, financial and spiritual, but also for someone intelligent and attentive. The husband of choice must be able to love them, but also to care for them.


Older Western men cannot possibly see this as a disadvantageous situation. At a certain age, these men are most of the time alone. Some of them may have never been married, while others are divorced or even widowed. However, that does not mean that they should not get the chance to live their life happily with a beautiful woman by their side, right? So, you can realize that a Western older man can gain a lot of great things out of marring a young Thai woman. They get a life partner and someone to love, a person they can relate to and with whom they can spend their days. A young, beautiful, exotic, loving and carrying woman is the best that they can have at an elder age.


Conclusions go towards mutual bliss and happiness. It is obvious that a young Thai man could not live up to the expectations that a beautiful and educated Thai woman has! On the other hand, men of a certain age from foreign countries cannot expect to find someone that would settle for them that easily. That is why the combination between these two types of people is perfect for marriage and both parties will be getting all they have dreamed about from this situation.

Legal Problems in Cross-Cultural Couples

Thailand is fast becoming the land of foreign son-in-laws, with the number of cross-cultural marriages rising from year to year. However, not all marriages are milk and honey. For instance, Em, a 28 year-old Thai woman married a British man. She was deserted by her husband after years of constant arguments and conflicts. He took their daughter back to England, without the mother’s consent.

Em is now stranded, with no financial possibilities to travel to England and file for divorce. She is not the only one in this situation. Members of Women and Youth Studies in Thailand state that there is a rising number of Thai women entering into cross-cultural marriages each year. This has raised awareness of many organisations that deal with women’s rights, about the unfairness of Thai family laws and the major lack of legal knowledge among many Thai women.

In 2006, a study was conducted on the number of intercultural marriages of young Thai women in the North-east part of Thailand. The study investigated the main risks and aftermaths that such marriages pose to the cultural and traditional values in the rural areas of Thailand. Nevertheless, these intercultural marriages do not occur just in the North-eastern part of Thailand, but all over the country.


Unfortunately, Thai ladies are not very knowledgeable regarding the legalities concerning this type of marriage. With the high number of cross-cultural marriages, a seemingly byproduct will the intercultural divorce. Organisations that defend Thai women’s rights need to pay more attention to this.

While the flux of western tourists in Thailand is high, few of them actually decide to move in for good. All the same, men marrying Thai women decide to settle down in Thailand. They are not just falling in love while on holiday, they are coming with the pre-planned intent of finding a doe-eyed Thai beauty to be their spouse.


Western men quickly lose interest in their Thai brides and they either go back to their countries or filing for divorce. Unfortunately, Thai women are very ignorant about Thai family laws which favour chauvinism in the country. Due to the lack of accessible information, Thai women in cross-cultural marriages are generally unaware of the legal help they can benefit from.

In Thailand, the laws regarding cross-cultural marriage are clearly chauvinistic, as women do not have a word to say in their situation. A husband’s adultery is not grounds for divorce unless he intentionally flaunts the relationship to the public, while any form of adultery a wife engages in, provides grounds for the husband to file for divorce immediately. The video below presents the means of getting a divorce in Thailand.

Whatever the reasons western men wish to choose a Thai wife, the mixed Thai-Western marriage is now an established part of Phuket’s scenery. Not all of these Western men find their dream wife. Many of these marriages have problems, but that is true of marriages all over the world. There are specific problems related to marriages between people from different cultures.

Cultural Clashes Can Be A Huge Problem

Thai ladies are very beautiful and nice, but there are many cultural differences between them and Western men that want to marry to these Thai women. Western culture is very different from Thai culture from many points of view.

For example, in Western culture, men are ego driven, while in Thai culture, women are gentle, subtle and they also show humility sometimes. Look at the smile of Thai ladies and you will notice the difference. It’s said that Thailand has over 100 different types of smiles and each of them means something else, sending a completely different message, so it’s very difficult to make a distinction if you are a Western man.


Western men that look for a Thai wife should understand Thai culture first by spending more time in this country and socialising with various categories of people. Nonetheless, a relationship between a woman from Thai and a man from Western culture could be wonderful as different cuisines, beliefs, experiences and traditions will combine.

Additionally, religion is also a problem as about 95% of Thai people are Buddhists.

Thai women also express their affection to their friends in public, but not towards the man they love, which is very unusual for a Western man, so this may be a problem as well.


The head has an important significance in Thai culture, being considered a sacred part of the body, so a Thai lady would feel offended is she is touched on her head.

Family is very important in Thailand and many women live with their parents even if they are adults and sometimes, even if they have families, while for Western men such a thing is unacceptable.

There are many difference between these two cultures, so a Western man who wants to marry a Thai lady has to be aware of all those things that could ruin their marriage.


Such details have to be discussed by a couple before getting married in order to avoid unhappiness. If a couple solves these problems, it will be a wonderful experience for a Western man to be welcomed in a Thai family.

Despite several cultural clashes, there are many Western men who have found their happiness by marrying a Thai woman, but many couples split soon because there were too many irreconcilable differences related to their culture that haven’t been discussed before their marriage.


Reasons Why Most Western Men Choose Thai Wives as Partners

Thailand is colorful, exciting and full of life. A country of many contrasts, this Asian kingdom has a rich culture, wonderful temples, areas of forest, glorious sandy beaches, superb food and lovely, welcoming people in every part of the world. Perhaps the best known fact about Thailand are the beautiful women. They are renowned worldwide for their natural beauty and commitment to western husbands. You may ask yourself why Thai wives are so sought after. Thai ladies are willing to consider marrying a man from a completely different culture and country, to move halfway across the globe to be with the man they love and appreciate, and last but not least, leave their families and facing many uncertainties. Thai brides have now become a social phenomenon. 

It is not uncommon for the Thai wife of a middle aged western man to handle all the housework, but this picture is changing among younger westerners who choose to marry Thai women. Many people ask themselves why are younger and very eligible Western men marrying Thai ladies? Thai ladies are always associated with something more exotic and desirable. There is another explanation as why these marriages take place. Usually, an economic consideration has entered into these marriages at the outset. Quite clearly, comely Thai women are marrying European men, often 20, 30 or even 40 years older than they are, because of the economic advantage of it for them. And for the men, they have companionship, an easy life in a country very cheap by Western standards, and somebody to look after them as they get older.

As for the men, they are either divorced or unhappily married and want a fresh start on their love life. This might be just one of the reasons why most westerners choose Thai ladies. Most westerners find that back home, they are no longer the head of their household in the way they were, and are seeking the more traditional approach of Thai wives. Western society has changed over the past few decades, and many married men have been unable to accept this and acquiesce to the diminishing traditional recognition of the husband as the infallible head in the household. Thai women have a number of reasons for accepting a western husband, since the security of her family comes first, with her own preferences being a poor second. When a Western man marries a Thai woman he also marries her family, which is why large numbers of married couples of mixed race decide to remain in Thailand.