Man Has To Wait 5 Years To Be With His Thai Wife

Finding love and happiness is not very hard with a beautiful Thai woman. Thousands of men from all over the world have been able to find true love with amazing Thai ladies. Below you can read more about an incredible love story that involves a Thai lady and a Western man.

A man from Gainsborough was one of the happy western man to fall in love with a beautiful Thai woman. Norman Robbins lives in Gainsborough, England. He met his future Thai wife online. The two started to get to know each over the Internet, before they met in person. It all happened this year. However, Norman and his Thai lady, Wilawan Rodpathom, fall in love with each other. They even made the decision that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. So, Norman decided to travel to Thailand to marry the love of his life.


Norman and Wilawan wedded in Bangkok. Unfortunately for the two the happy story did not continue forever. Norman had to get back to work in England, but his new Thai wife was not able to accompany him. Due to the Visa rules established by the UK Borders Agency, Wilawan will not be able to come to UK, at least not in the next five years. This means that either Norman will leave his job to move to Thailand to be able to be with his wife or the two will stay separate for 5 years. As leaving his job is not an option, Norman is struggling to do anything possible to take his new wife to England.

Norman says that all he wants is to be with Wilawan, as they are wife and man now. However, Visa rules keeps the two apart. Norman claims that the union between him and Wilawan is real and so is their love. So, there is no way they can stay apart so many years. According to the Workshop Guardian, Norman also said that his wife speaks fluent English and she actually is a trained occupational therapist. She is willing to start a business in England, so she will bring an important contribution to the economy of the small town.


Norman cannot travel to Bangkok, as the whole journey would be extremely expensive. Even though, at least for now, Wilawan and Norman cannot be together, the two love each other very much. They are just an example on how a Western man was able to find a unique love with a beautiful Thai woman.