Man Fights For His Thai Wife

Dominic Sturridge believed that he will face no problems in returning to the UK with his beautiful Thai wife. Well, it surely looks like what he believed to only be a formality turned out being an extremely complicated process and the couple will have to wait until they will both be granted the right to settle in England. Dominic is the son of Sir Nicholas Sturridge, the surgeon dentist of the Royal Household.

Dominic and his Thai wife spend no less than 6 six abroad together. Now, the couple wants to return to England, claiming that there is no reason why they should not be allowed to do so. “We are a perfectly legitimate couple and really didn’t expect all this trouble,” Dominic said according to the Daily Mail.

Dominic and Eed, who is now his wife, met in Thailand. The man spent no less than 6 years in this country, moving here for work. He met Eed and the two wedded in Bangkok. Dominic explained that this is “no bought Thai bride situation,” adding that he really loves his wife, and naturally the feeling is mutual. He said that his parents didn’t attend the wedding, claiming that he believes his father wanted something else for his career. “Even though Dad didn’t really understand my relationship with Eed, he turned up at Heathrow to greet us with a bottle of champagne when we came to England,” Dominic claimed.


While in London, Dominic works in the property field. Eed also found a place of work and Dominic is happy that his Thai wife is able to support herself. He claimed that he is very proud of his wife. Still, despite the fact that Eed found a job, she has been rejected the request to settle in the United Kingdom. Entry requirements for foreign spouses have always been strict in England and this situation makes no exception.

However, Dominic and his wife keep their hopes high, claiming that they are confident this whole process will not take too long. He and Eed have to prove that their relationship is genuine and that their marriage is real. There is no wonder after all that Dominic is currently thinking about having a traditional English wedding, too. He said that he wants his father to be there for the ceremony and to give this couple his blessing.

Well, Dominic and Eed surely are a happy couple. Hopefully for the two, they will be able to remain together in London, enjoying a happily wedded life.