I wasn’t really looking for Thai wives

When I first came across this website I wasn’t really looking for Thai wives but more of a dating website for Thai women. But lucky for me I looked past the name and read the finer details about the site. It was actually an internet dating site designed to set you up with singles from around Asia but there was also the emphasis on marriage which to be honest I could take or leave. There were plenty of ladies to choose from so I decided I would give it a try. As I said I wasn’t really looking for a wife so I just chatted casually with some of the women and got to know a few of them. They all seemed nice enough and not one of them had mentioned getting married. This was a good sign because I had no intent on marrying a girl I had never met. It was fun for me to get online each night and chat to the single ladies. It certainly cured my boredom from working in an isolated forestry.

The price of membership was very reasonable so I joined up to get better access to all the cute Asian girls. I would talk for hours with many of them at one time or sometimes have a private conversation with some of the more interested girls. It was all in good fun and every one enjoyed themselves online. And still no one had asked me any questions about marriage or living together. So I have been a member of this site for some time know and have talked to hundreds of different women. There are some I would really like to meet and a few I would like to get to know even better but who know, maybe one day I will find the right girl for me on this site. There are certainly thousands of opportunities which increases my chances pretty dramatically.