Cultural Clashes Can Be A Huge Problem

Thai ladies are very beautiful and nice, but there are many cultural differences between them and Western men that want to marry to these Thai women. Western culture is very different from Thai culture from many points of view.

For example, in Western culture, men are ego driven, while in Thai culture, women are gentle, subtle and they also show humility sometimes. Look at the smile of Thai ladies and you will notice the difference. It’s said that Thailand has over 100 different types of smiles and each of them means something else, sending a completely different message, so it’s very difficult to make a distinction if you are a Western man.


Western men that look for a Thai wife should understand Thai culture first by spending more time in this country and socialising with various categories of people. Nonetheless, a relationship between a woman from Thai and a man from Western culture could be wonderful as different cuisines, beliefs, experiences and traditions will combine.

Additionally, religion is also a problem as about 95% of Thai people are Buddhists.

Thai women also express their affection to their friends in public, but not towards the man they love, which is very unusual for a Western man, so this may be a problem as well.


The head has an important significance in Thai culture, being considered a sacred part of the body, so a Thai lady would feel offended is she is touched on her head.

Family is very important in Thailand and many women live with their parents even if they are adults and sometimes, even if they have families, while for Western men such a thing is unacceptable.

There are many difference between these two cultures, so a Western man who wants to marry a Thai lady has to be aware of all those things that could ruin their marriage.


Such details have to be discussed by a couple before getting married in order to avoid unhappiness. If a couple solves these problems, it will be a wonderful experience for a Western man to be welcomed in a Thai family.

Despite several cultural clashes, there are many Western men who have found their happiness by marrying a Thai woman, but many couples split soon because there were too many irreconcilable differences related to their culture that haven’t been discussed before their marriage.