Do’s and Don’ts When Searching For A Thai Wife

Asian women are beautiful, faithful, intelligent women, who can make perfect wives. There is no wonder after all that so many men, from all over the world, are eager to meet beautiful Thai ladies. However, for numerous men dating a Thai lady can seem rather difficult, due to the cultural differences. Well, there are some things you should know, which will make everything so much easier for you. Here you can find a list of do’s and don’ts when searching for a Thai wife.

Do’s when searching for a Thai wife

Be as polite as possible. One of the most important things you should know about Thai ladies is that being polite is a great deal to them. Thai women are used to that, as in Thailand being polite is more important than anything.

Respect her culture and believes. A Thai lady will most likely have a totally different culture from your own. Even though some aspects may seem strange to you, respecting her culture is a must, as well as the differences of ideology and language.

Be attentive, clean and well dressed. Your future Thai wife will only fall in love with you if she can be proud of the way you look. What you wear and how you look is very important for a Thai woman.


Don’ts when searching for a Thai wife

Don’t talk about sex. Actually, avoid putting any kind of pressure on your future Thai wife. Commonly, Thai girls don’t have sex at the first date. In fact, most of these women remain virgin until getting married. You need to respect that.

Don’t talk about money. Bragging about how much you earn will not make a Thai lady fall in love with you. Actually, talking about money is not something appreciated in Thai culture. If you want to prove your future Thai wife that you can take care of her, show you have enough money by being extremely generous.

Avoid complaining about Thailand. Even though for many people life in Thailand may seem extremely harsh, remember that this is her country and the place in which her family lives. You should avoid making fun of Thailand, her religion, her culture or her beliefs. So, keep in mind that Thai girls are quite sensitive when it comes to their country.

Thai wife, wedding

There are some do’s and don’ts when searching for a Thai wife which you need to consider. Even though before meeting the girl of your dreams and your future bride you may have to search for a while, you should not get discouraged. Love and happiness are not that hard to find!

Man Fights For His Thai Wife

Dominic Sturridge believed that he will face no problems in returning to the UK with his beautiful Thai wife. Well, it surely looks like what he believed to only be a formality turned out being an extremely complicated process and the couple will have to wait until they will both be granted the right to settle in England. Dominic is the son of Sir Nicholas Sturridge, the surgeon dentist of the Royal Household.

Dominic and his Thai wife spend no less than 6 six abroad together. Now, the couple wants to return to England, claiming that there is no reason why they should not be allowed to do so. “We are a perfectly legitimate couple and really didn’t expect all this trouble,” Dominic said according to the Daily Mail.

Dominic and Eed, who is now his wife, met in Thailand. The man spent no less than 6 years in this country, moving here for work. He met Eed and the two wedded in Bangkok. Dominic explained that this is “no bought Thai bride situation,” adding that he really loves his wife, and naturally the feeling is mutual. He said that his parents didn’t attend the wedding, claiming that he believes his father wanted something else for his career. “Even though Dad didn’t really understand my relationship with Eed, he turned up at Heathrow to greet us with a bottle of champagne when we came to England,” Dominic claimed.


While in London, Dominic works in the property field. Eed also found a place of work and Dominic is happy that his Thai wife is able to support herself. He claimed that he is very proud of his wife. Still, despite the fact that Eed found a job, she has been rejected the request to settle in the United Kingdom. Entry requirements for foreign spouses have always been strict in England and this situation makes no exception.

However, Dominic and his wife keep their hopes high, claiming that they are confident this whole process will not take too long. He and Eed have to prove that their relationship is genuine and that their marriage is real. There is no wonder after all that Dominic is currently thinking about having a traditional English wedding, too. He said that he wants his father to be there for the ceremony and to give this couple his blessing.

Well, Dominic and Eed surely are a happy couple. Hopefully for the two, they will be able to remain together in London, enjoying a happily wedded life.

Ways To Find A Thai Lady

It is not a secret anymore that numerous Western men are able to find a unique love and happiness with Thai women. Thai ladies are amazingly beautiful girls, but also devoted partners. It is a well known fact that Thai women can make any man happy. Well, if you are convinced that a Thai girl is the right woman for you, you should start searching for your soulmate as soon as possible.

Meeting a Thai girl may not be the easiest thing in the world. However, you should know that meeting such a lady is not that hard, either. Still, it can be quite a challenge at least if you are looking for a stylish, beautiful, smart lady. Such a woman will surely conquer your heart on the spot. Happiness is simple to achieve when you found your better half. So, star searching for her as soon as possible.

Below you can find some tips on how to find the perfect Thai woman. There is absolutely no reason why you should not try them on your way to happiness with a charming Thai lady.

1. Visit Thailand

As you can imagine, traveling to Thailand is a great opportunity to meet a Thai lady. Thailand is an amazing country, so visiting it can be a great idea. This is a fascinating place to be in, but also a country in which you can meet numerous beautiful women. You will have the possibility to meat the girl of your dreams in person.


2. Thai community groups

If you live anywhere else in the world except for Thailand, meeting a Thai girl can seem rather hard. Still, you should know that it is not impossible. Actually, one of the simplest ways to meet such a lady is by signing up to a Thai community group in the area in which you live. Such groups can be found in most large cities. Search for events and community centers, as well. You may introduce yourself to such a group as a passionate of Thai culture.


3. Online dating

Online dating remains the simplest way to meet a Thai lady, regardless of where you live. So, in case traveling to Thailand is not an option and visiting a Thai community group is not for you, you can always opt for online dating. Online dating actually has a series of advantages. The most important one is that it is easily accessible to all of us. You can sign up to such a platform from the comfort of your home. You can check out the profiles of numerous beautiful girls and make your pick. Then, you can start communicating with that girl to see if she is the right one for you. This will cost you nothing, so when taking about online dating you can find the girl of your dreams with no costs and no time invested at terrible dates.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can meet the woman of your dreams. Pick the right one for you and start your search as soon as possible. There is no reason why you should not be happy with a beautiful Thai lady.

Man Has To Wait 5 Years To Be With His Thai Wife

Finding love and happiness is not very hard with a beautiful Thai woman. Thousands of men from all over the world have been able to find true love with amazing Thai ladies. Below you can read more about an incredible love story that involves a Thai lady and a Western man.

A man from Gainsborough was one of the happy western man to fall in love with a beautiful Thai woman. Norman Robbins lives in Gainsborough, England. He met his future Thai wife online. The two started to get to know each over the Internet, before they met in person. It all happened this year. However, Norman and his Thai lady, Wilawan Rodpathom, fall in love with each other. They even made the decision that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. So, Norman decided to travel to Thailand to marry the love of his life.


Norman and Wilawan wedded in Bangkok. Unfortunately for the two the happy story did not continue forever. Norman had to get back to work in England, but his new Thai wife was not able to accompany him. Due to the Visa rules established by the UK Borders Agency, Wilawan will not be able to come to UK, at least not in the next five years. This means that either Norman will leave his job to move to Thailand to be able to be with his wife or the two will stay separate for 5 years. As leaving his job is not an option, Norman is struggling to do anything possible to take his new wife to England.

Norman says that all he wants is to be with Wilawan, as they are wife and man now. However, Visa rules keeps the two apart. Norman claims that the union between him and Wilawan is real and so is their love. So, there is no way they can stay apart so many years. According to the Workshop Guardian, Norman also said that his wife speaks fluent English and she actually is a trained occupational therapist. She is willing to start a business in England, so she will bring an important contribution to the economy of the small town.


Norman cannot travel to Bangkok, as the whole journey would be extremely expensive. Even though, at least for now, Wilawan and Norman cannot be together, the two love each other very much. They are just an example on how a Western man was able to find a unique love with a beautiful Thai woman.

Make Your Interracial Relationship Work


When to people from different races meet and fall in love, everything is perfect in the beginning. But when the sweet phase passes and the two get to know each other as they are, things may become complicated. Everyone has qualities and flaws and the two members of a couple need to communicate in order to make everything work smoothly. Fights are common and normal in any couple, because it is better to express the existing problems in order to solve them rather than gather frustration. In theory, everything is very simple and easy to do, but when you are the half of an interracial couple and you also have to face the culture clash, things become a little bit more complicated.

No matter if you are a western man married with a Thai woman or the Thai wife, the following advice will be really helpful for you. Steve Cooper offers great tips and tricks to make your marriage resist in time even if you have a husband or wife who belongs to a different ethnicity than yours.

Communication and respect are probably the most important elements of an interracial marriage. However, you need to keep account of other keywords that you see from a different point of view in comparison to your partner. Be empathetic and fight for your relationship because this is one of the most important things you have in life.