Reasons Why Most Western Men Choose Thai Wives as Partners

Thailand is colorful, exciting and full of life. A country of many contrasts, this Asian kingdom has a rich culture, wonderful temples, areas of forest, glorious sandy beaches, superb food and lovely, welcoming people in every part of the world. Perhaps the best known fact about Thailand are the beautiful women. They are renowned worldwide for their natural beauty and commitment to western husbands. You may ask yourself why Thai wives are so sought after. Thai ladies are willing to consider marrying a man from a completely different culture and country, to move halfway across the globe to be with the man they love and appreciate, and last but not least, leave their families and facing many uncertainties. Thai brides have now become a social phenomenon. 

It is not uncommon for the Thai wife of a middle aged western man to handle all the housework, but this picture is changing among younger westerners who choose to marry Thai women. Many people ask themselves why are younger and very eligible Western men marrying Thai ladies? Thai ladies are always associated with something more exotic and desirable. There is another explanation as why these marriages take place. Usually, an economic consideration has entered into these marriages at the outset. Quite clearly, comely Thai women are marrying European men, often 20, 30 or even 40 years older than they are, because of the economic advantage of it for them. And for the men, they have companionship, an easy life in a country very cheap by Western standards, and somebody to look after them as they get older.

As for the men, they are either divorced or unhappily married and want a fresh start on their love life. This might be just one of the reasons why most westerners choose Thai ladies. Most westerners find that back home, they are no longer the head of their household in the way they were, and are seeking the more traditional approach of Thai wives. Western society has changed over the past few decades, and many married men have been unable to accept this and acquiesce to the diminishing traditional recognition of the husband as the infallible head in the household. Thai women have a number of reasons for accepting a western husband, since the security of her family comes first, with her own preferences being a poor second. When a Western man marries a Thai woman he also marries her family, which is why large numbers of married couples of mixed race decide to remain in Thailand.